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SuperCut Scissors

Performance for the right price.

S&A Technologies is proud to offer Supercut scissors to our customers. Supercut scissors are renowned for their accuracy and performance, this makes Supurcut scissors a perfect product for S&A technologies to bring to our customers. All of this at an affordable price point. 

Reliable. Precise. Durable. 

The S+A Technologies is proud to offer two styles of Supercut scissors, Stevens-Tenotomy and Ragnell scissors. Both styles are available with curved blades and a non-serrated edge providing the most versatile scissor to our customers. 

Our Supercut scissors hold an edge longer than conventional surgical scissors with a professional feel plastic scissors cannot provide. 

Cost Effective

Supercut scissors hold their edge for thousands of hours, making them a cheaper alternative to disposables. 

Professional Feel

Made from 304 Stainless Steel our scissors give the professional precision and feel you're accustomed to.

Stay Sharp

The German engineered Supercut scissors stay sharp longer than traditional scissors.

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High quality, precise cut.

William Singer

Great price!

Raymond Sprall

Professional cut and feel.

Elizabeth Tunner


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