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Progress Through Innovation

Here at S&A Technologies our passion is to drive forward progress in medical technology. We strive to change the world through innovative thinking and technical application.

SuperCut Scissors Tenotomy Ragnell

Modern Medical Technology.

Curetteblade Disposable Dermal Curettes
SpiderTek Brown Recluse Bite Kit

Improving medical technology one procedure at a time. 

S&A Technologies is medical technology company for the modern era. By composing a team of  professionals from engineering, applied science, and medicine we strive to create new and innovative solutions to real world problems. Our solutions aim to be practical and effective, enabling our customers to provide the best possible services to their customers and patients. 

S&A Technologies is a subsidiary of Stoecker & Associates, LLC. The company was formed in order to provide an outlet for the continuous research and development that takes place within Stoecker & Associates. S&A Tech allows us to bring newly developed technology and services directly to the customer quickly and effectively. 



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We've Come a Long Way

Modern Medical Technology.

S&A Technologies is a 21st century medical technology company. From surgical apparatus and wound care to tele-medicine and machine vision, S&A Technologies aims to innovate, to put the best tools possible in the hands of health care professionals. 

Our team is composed of professionals from engineering, personal care, physical sciences and medicine. By creating a team of diverse and qualified individuals we hope to ensure that every product and service we provide is of the highest possible quality. S&A Technologies thoroughly tests and evaluates all of our products and services to ensure that they are not only of high quality, but have the approval of their intended users, our customers. 

Founder and Lead Researcher,

Dr. William V. Stoecker M.D. 


A fresh take on an tested technology.

Our disposable Dermal Curette interface brings a professional feel and weight to the device. Allowing for finer control and rigidity. Our interface also provides quick and easy blade exchange. Promoting simple and fast blade changes and disposals.

Reusable. Recyclable. Made in USA.

The S+A Technologies Curetteblade dermal curette is a new approach to a tried and true methodology.

The Curetteblade combines the feel and precision of a traditional dermal curette with the affordability and ease-of-use of modern disposable dermal curettes, while addressing environmental impact.

Our patented design enables all of these features to work together to create a better disposable dermal curette.

Cost Effective

Dispose only the patented Curetteblade, keep the handle.

Professional Feel

Made from 304 Stainless Steel our handles give the professional precision and feel you're accustomed to.

Green Technology

By eliminating plastic waste, our patented design allows for a greener, recyclable dermal curette.



Finally, an Accurate Spider Bite Test.

SpiderTek is a new approach to spider bite wound diagnosis and care. Our brown recluse spider bite test allows medical professionals to quickly and efficiently diagnose brown recluse (Loxosceles reclusa) bites, expediting treatment, and eliminating misdiagnoses.

How Do I Know I Was Bitten By A Spider?

Until now, there was no reliable method to confirm a brown recluse spider bite. This allows for an environment of misdiagnosis and misplaced treatments. Realizing the potential for success of an accurate spider bite diagnosis technology, our team has developed SpiderTek. A fast and effective method to diagnose the presence of spider venom in a wound, as little as a few picograms*. This allows medical professionals to accurately prescribe treatment to patients. 

*1 picogram = 1 billionth of a milligram

Fast Performance

The SpiderTek swab kit allows for quick spider venom detection in wounds.

Simple To Use

The SpiderTek swab kit is designed to be easily used by both trained and untrained users. 

Green Technology

Made from simple biodegradable materials, the SpiderTek swab kit leaves a minimal impact on the environment.

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